Out with the old, in with the new

It has been awhile.  A long while.  I started this blog in 2014 as “The Heart Shaped Life”.  I had a matching Instagram and a lot of ideas.  But putting yourself out there in intimidating, and life got so busy, and then I let my domain expire and someone snapped it up.  And my Instagram, @theheartshapedlife, found its own life and took off in another direction.  It is now devoted to all things heart shaped that I happen upon.

Four years passed and I still had my blog sitting out there, doing nothing.  I was about to cancel my account but friends kept encouraging me to write.   So it was time to hit “refresh” and see what popped up.

If you’re a subscriber, you probably got and email that heyday heart had a new post and didn’t know why you got it.  You got it because over four years ago, you subscribed to The Heart Shaped Life.  Thank you for sticking with me and taking time come back and have a look.

Some things have changed, in real life and on the blog.  In the four years since I have been on here, my nest emptied.  One child graduated college and one finished high school and left for college.  I passed 50 and kept right on going.  My life hit “refresh” too.

So, back to the blog….

First, I had to get new domain name.  After scribbling a page full of name possibilities, I chose “heyday heart”.  I like it better and it feels a bit more fitting.  I love the idea of being in your heyday, no matter what your age. A lot of people think their heyday was in their youth.  Not true. Your heyday can start any day, at any age. You can have lots of heydays.

cropped-1ff93546-ca23-46a8-916b-177b32c89f991.pngNext, I made myself a logo! Check it out.  I love it. I have a new instagram to match.  Look on the right hand sidebar and give me a follow @heydayheart!


I’ve also made some content changes.  I scrapped crafts and baking.  While I love both, there are so many fantastic sites that do that way better than me.  I added books and home and garden and travel, because I like those topics. A lot of the tabs are blank now, but I have plans, so they will get content soon

Anyone is welcome to join me, but I expect my content to be a little more geared toward women in their heyday.  Thank you for visiting.  As my best friend from childhood’s mother used to say, “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“heyday definition” image from merriam-webster.com


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